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Build connections, harness data-driven insights, and increase efficiency with Legis1, an extensive congressional, legislative, and lobbying data platform.
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    Build Connections

    Insightful profiles of lawmakers, staff, committees, hearings, witnesses, legislation, issue areas, lobbyists, and lobbying organizations. Discover connections between current and former colleagues to reveal the people you need to support your goals.

    Data-Driven Insights

    Benchmark your organization or office and understand your issues in-depth. Legis1's analytics provides unique insights into legislative effectiveness, issue trends, legislation, staff turnover, staff experience, compensation, lobbying competition & coalition building, and more.

    Increase Efficiency & Capabilities

    Reduce time preparing for meetings with centralized congressional and lobbying data. Draft legislation with a step-by-step guide. Prepare for hearings more thoroughly.

    Who uses Legis1?

    Legis1 is a valuable resource for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Users include: Congress, government agencies, lobbying firms, media, public affairs, corporations, associations, think-tanks, universities, and other organizations.

    How does Legis1 compare?

    Unique Networked Data

    Legis1 integrates lawmaker, staffer, lobbyist and witness data akin to a professional network for Capitol Hill. This allows you to understand connections between individuals identifying key supporters for legislative efforts and leveraging existing relationships for introductions. For instance, a former staffer you worked with may be a lobbyist - use your network strategically to achieve your objectives.

    Unique Analytics

    Legis1 provides insights into each congressional office, committee, and lobbying firm with unique analysis including legislator effectiveness, turnover, experience, compensation analytics, and staffer network maps over time.

    Innovative Tools

    Legis1 tools help members and staff understand their procedural options during markups and aide in legislative drafting preparation.

    Academics and Thought Leaders

    The Sunwater Institute conducts theoretical and applied research aimed at improving Congress’s institutional knowledge, processes, decision-making, and efficiency. Using this academic research the Legis1 team develops practical tools, analytics, and datasets.


    Legis1 is built on over 45 years of history in lobbying and congressional data with the combined legacies of Washington Representatives,, The Original US Congress Handbook, and US Congress Online.

    We are a Nonprofit

    Legis1 is developed by the Sunwater Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think-tank with a mission to improve the legislative process. Sunwater Institute revenue is reinvested into Legis1 to continue to enhance the tools, data, and analysis to provide cutting-edge resources.
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