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Legis1: Your Innovative Platform for an Effective Legislative Process

Legis1 is revolutionizing the way you access, analyze, and navigate the intricate landscape of policymaking.

The Beginning

The platform is the culmination of a journey that began with the Sunwater Institute’s acquisition of the public affair assets of Columbia Books and Information Services (CBIS) in late 2022. CBIS companies focused on congressional and lobbying information. The consolidation of data from the iconic US Congress Handbook, Washington Representatives, and Lobbyists.info coupled with the innovation from Sunwater Institute has led to a new era in legislative information – Legis1.

Legis1 History: Pioneering the Path

The Legis1 story is one of continuous innovation in legislative resources:

  • 1977: The inception of the Washington Representatives Directory, a pioneering repository of lobbyist information and their valued clientele.
  • 1980s: The US Congress Handbook, an authoritative source that unveiled the profiles of Congress, Senate members, and Hill staff.
  • 2000s: The digital age welcomed Lobbyists.info, an online rendition of the Washington Representatives Directory, and USCongressOnline, an online iteration of the US Congress Handbook, bringing real-time accessibility to the forefront.
  • 2023: Legis1 emerges as the culmination of these trailblazing endeavors. Legis1 empowers you with a consolidated platform that displays congressional, lobbying and congressional witness directories and networks. The platform has the ability to provide in-depth analytics, and strategic insights.

Forging a Stronger Democracy

Behind Legis1 stands the Sunwater Institute, a non-profit nonpartisan think tank on a mission to advance our democracy through improving the legislative process in Congress. Curated by seasoned experts in legislative operations – individuals who have walked the halls of Congress – Legis1 provides access to reliable and current information. The Legis1 team also offers personalized support to help you seamlessly navigate our evolving platform. Plus, the innovation doesn’t stop, the team is forward-focused and will continue to add value to the platform for years to come.


Join Us in Shaping the Future

Legis1 is innovating and improving the policymaking landscape. The Legis1 roadmap includes features and tools to improve your legislative effectiveness by uncovering new useful information and exposing new ways to manage the legislative process. Housed as a resource within The Sunwater Institute’s Congressional Reform program, Legis1 is the result of collaboration between former Hill practitioners, academics, product managers, designers, engineers, and commercial professionals. Together, we're propelling policy reform and amplifying the efficacy of Congress.

Welcome to Legis1 – where the past, present, and future of legislative insight converge. Start your journey with Legis1 today.

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