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Elevate your research with comprehensive legislative data.

Trace lawmakers’ actions, public statements, and lobbying influences. Illuminate the nuances of political decision-making.
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Congressional DirectoryStreamline research with a vast and interlinked network of congressional members, staffers, and committees at your fingertips. 


Witness DirectoryExamine expert witness testimonies spanning two decades to uncover patterns and pinpoint references. 


Lobbying DirectoryAnalyze the flow of lobbying funds, providing a critical view of the interactions between bills, members, and committees.

Data-Driven Insights

NEW! Issue TrackingAccess robust charts, data and trend analysis to enhance your research focused by issue area. 


Benchmark Congressional Offices Compare staff experience, turnover, compensation, issue trends, and more.


Track Member Effectiveness – Assess the impact of individual members on the legislative process with a rigorous scoring and ranking system.


Centralized Communication Analytics – Explore our centralized database of communications from members across various media, aiding in the study of political rhetoric and its effects. 


Increase Efficiency & Capabilities

Centralized Hearing InformationSupport your research with comprehensive Congressional hearings data going back twenty years, including full transcripts and attendee data, enabling a robust analysis of legislative developments.


House Parliamentary ProceduresDive into detailed examples of parliamentary procedures, enhancing your understanding and teaching of legislative processes.


Drafter’s DeskLet students experience the legislative drafting process with our drafting wizard, providing them unprecedented insight into the complexities of bill creation.


Legislation Central Keep track of all aspects of a bill, from who sponsored it to every hearing related to it, with custom filters and alerts that will make your research more efficient.