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Build Connections

Congressional Directory and Network Find connections between current and former colleagues, allowing you to identify potential collaborators through shared professional relationships. 


Witness DatabaseScreen, identify and recommend experts. Learn what questions have been asked in the past, as you draft questions for a witness.


Lobbying Organizations & Individuals – Engage with representatives from organizations in your district for legislative feedback and to foster meaningful connections. 


Data-Driven Insights

Congressional Office Analysis Measure and understand your office in comparison to other offices. Explore turnover, levels of experience, issue trends, compensation, and more. More information allows you to make more informed decisions.


NEW! Issue Tracking – Understand and recommend policy direction on upcoming legislation with a deep dive into the issues of importance to your district. 


Lobbying ActivityResearch which organizations and individuals most actively lobby your representative’s bills and committees.


Witness Activity – Gain valuable insights into congressional witnesses by analyzing witnesses by number of total appearances, or by appearance before a specific committee. 

Centralized Communication Analytics
– Analyze your member’s messaging strategy through press releases, newsletters, social media, hearings, and floor statements on issues and organizations. 

Increase Efficiency & Capabilities

Searchable Hearing and Witness Database – Leverage 20 years of unprecedented access to discourse and attendees. Review comprehensive testimony across hearings at the individual or organizational level. 


House Procedure Guide – Empower your member by using tools to help improve your implementation of the legislative process. Don’t let a complex parliamentary process stand in the way of your agenda. A search tool, examples of past practices, and scripts for procedures will support your efforts.


Drafter’s DeskTurn your policy idea into legislation. The legislation drafting wizard will help you prepare a document for your meeting with Legislative Counsel.


Legislation Central Information about a bill, (co)sponsor information, related hearings, and a succinct nonpartisan bill summary. Multiple filters will help you easily find what you need.