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Complete an industry analysis, and target the right congressional audience. Leverage your network and the network of former colleagues.
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Build Connections

Lobbying Organizations & Individuals – Gain insight into what organizations, lobbyists and lawmakers might be potential partners for your efforts or in opposition to your interests.  


Congressional DirectoryDetermine who you need to work with in Congress. Connections between current and former colleagues will reveal the network you need to accomplish your goals.


Witness DirectoryLearn from previous congressional committee witnesses and their testimony to draft questions, anticipate questions, and research experts aligned or in opposition to a specific interest area.

Data-Driven Insights

Competitor BenchmarkingCompare lobbying spend across lobby firms, associations, and in-house lobbyists. Review a breakdown of industry experience and the flow of lobbying money to inform strategic data-driven decisions.


Lobbying Activity – Analyze organizations’ and individuals current lobbying activity for coalition building or competition. See who employs the most lobbyists, lobbies the most bills, and more.


NEW! Issue TrackingIdentify opportunities or threats based on the data around your issue area. Check-in daily for a high-level summary of your issue area, to stay current, or dive deep into the issue data to plan your advocacy approach.


Witness Activity – Gain valuable insights into congressional witnesses by analyzing the total number of appearances, or by appearance before a specific committee.


Centralized Communication AnalyticsResearch members discussing your issue interests or mentioning your organization across press releases, newsletters, social media, hearings, and floor statements to inform your messaging strategy. 

Increase Efficiency & Capabilities

Searchable Hearing and Witness DatabaseStrategize your approach, catch any trends or anomalies, and prepare for a hearing. Gain unprecedented access to discourse and attendees going back 20 years.  


Drafter’s DeskThink like the Legislative Counsel. Our cutting-edge legislation drafting wizard will help you prepare a document to propose policy.


Legislation CentralInformation about a bill, (co)sponsor information, related hearings, and a succinct nonpartisan bill summary. Multiple filters will help you easily find what you need.