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Build Connections

Congressional DirectoryUnearth the right connections between sources. Uncover paths to people you want to talk with in order to tell your story. 


Witness DirectoryResearch expert witness testimony going back 20 years, uncover patterns in witness testimony invitations. 


Lobbying DirectoryUnderstand the flow of lobby money, by reviewing the bill, member and committee involvement. Search lobbying firms and individual lobbyists to see active clients, bills lobbied, and more.

Data-Driven Insights

Benchmark Congressional Offices Explore compensation, turnover, levels of experience, issue trends and more.


Track Member Effectiveness – Understand the effectiveness of each member through tracking legislative success.


Lobbying Activity – Get insights on top revenue-generating firms, those with the most clients, lobbyists, and lobbying activity in the past year. Analyze organizations employing the most lobbying firms and research lobbyists with the highest client count and bill involvement. 


Witness Activity – Gain valuable insights into congressional witnesses by analyzing witnesses by number of total appearances, or by appearance before a specific committee. 


Centralized Communication Assets – Use keyword searches to explore member engagement with various issues. Filter mediums like press releases, newsletters, social media, committee hearings, and floor statements to provide context and insight into their messaging strategy. (Coming Soon) 


Increase Efficiency & Capabilities

Centralized Hearing InformationTrack hearings going back 20 years for consistency (or lack thereof). Review hearing summary along with the full content, transcripts. Unprecedented access to discourse and attendees.


House Parliamentary ProceduresSearch the parliamentary processes tool, examples of past practices, and scripts for procedures to help you understand what’s happening on the Hill in realtime.


Drafter’s DeskThink like Legislative Counsel and understand the questions they might ask someone presenting a piece of new legislation.


Legislation Central Information about a bill, (co)sponsor information, related hearings, and a succinct nonpartisan bill summary. Multiple filters will help you easily find what you need.