US Congress Handbook, Washington Representatives, and acquired from CBIS

The Sunwater Institute, owner of Legis1, has acquired the public affairs assets of CBIS, including the US Congress Handbook,, and All content from Washington Representatives and has been incorporated into Legis1.

Know, Analyze, Improve

Legislative and lobbying data services developed by a nonprofit with a mission to improve the legislative process. Providing policy professionals with the information, analytics, and tools needed to maximize effectiveness.
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12,900 +


94,000 +

Congressional Staffers

35,500 +


1,400 +


38,200 +


8,500 +

Lobbying Firms

23,300 +

Lobbying Clients

189,300 +



Insightful profiles of members, staff, committees, hearings, witnesses, legislation, issue areas, lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbying clients. Detailed network connections outlined for each person across the span of their career.


Designed by experts, Legis1's analytics provide unique insights into legislative effectiveness, staff turnover, staff experience, compensation, issue trends, and more.


Resources to help improve effectiveness of lawmakers, staff, and the policymaking process. Tools cover staff network analytics, committee procedures, legislative drafting, legislative tracking, and more.

Who uses Legis1?

Legis1 is a valuable resource for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Some of those organizations include: Congress, government agencies, lobbying firms, public affairs, corporations, associations, unions, think-tanks, universities, and many others.

How does Legis1 compare?

Unique Data

Legis1 has more congressional member, staff, committee, hearing, and lobbying industry data than other providers. Legis1's unique datasets include integrated hearing and witness information, staff and member networks, and lobbying activities linked to legislation and bill sponsors.

Unique Analytics

Legis1 provides insights into each congressional office, committee, and lobbying firm with unique analysis including legislator effectiveness, turnover, experience, compensation analytics, and staffer network maps over time.

Innovative Tools

Legis1 has tools to help members and staff understand their procedural options during markups and tools to aide in legislative drafting preparation.

Academics and Thought Leaders

The Sunwater Institute conducts theoretical and applied research aimed at improving Congress’s institutional knowledge, processes, decision-making, and efficiency. Using this academic research we develop practical tools, analytics, and datasets.


Legis1 is built on over 45 years of history in lobbying and congressional data with the combined legacies of Washington Representatives,, The Original US Congress Handbook, and US Congress Online.

We are a Nonprofit

Legis1 is developed by the Sunwater Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think-tank with a mission to improve the legislative process. All of the revenue the Sunwater Institute receives is reinvested into Legis1 to continue to enhance our tools, data, and analysis.